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AMCS Global Benchmark

How can digital innovation affect your organisation?

What exactly is digital innovation or, as many people put it, digital transformation?
Why is it so important to adapt your business strategy to it?
What could this kind of digital strategy mean for you and what could it actually deliver?

AMCS would like to help you look into this.

“For many companies, digital transformation appears to be a challenge and to some it is even seen as a threat”, argued Mark Abbas, CMO at AMCS during the Cleaner Planet Convention in 2016. Take companies like Kodak and Nokia, for example. They did too little too late and failed to survive the transformation. Results from Forrester Research show that 47% of company sales will be impacted by digitisation in 2020. A fitting digital strategy and smart choice of technology platform would appear to be essential to the future of organisations in the sector.

AMCS Global Benchmark

The AMCS 'Digital Innovation in the Waste and Recycling Industry Benchmark' investigates how successful organisations in the waste industry use technology to radically improve the performance of their operations and how they adapt to a changing playing field. It will also emphasize which technologies add value and where can we find areas for significant improvement.

The research focuses on the following key questions:
• What priorities are on the strategic agenda of municipalities and hauliers?
• What are the main challenges respondents are facing to digitally transform their waste processing operations?
• How do respondents currently rate their performance with regard to digitally transforming waste processing operations?

Benchmark your company against industry competitors

Would you like to know how your organisation is performing in the market? Would you like to know what possibilities new technology can offer your organisation? Do you wish to identify the areas in which you are leading the way and where the opportunities for improvement lie?

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