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Industrial & Commercial waste

The complexity in the waste management industry is enormous. The different types of collection – commercial waste collection, container drop-off – each have their own demanding issues. 

Commercial and Industrial

For your frequency based services and on call services

AMCS offers a complete waste management solution for Commercial & Industrial waste collection, waste transfer, transfer stations, recycling activities, landfill management and material trading. AMCS Platform for Commercial & Industrial waste can be used for frequency based services as well as for on call services.  It includes state of the art technology solutions for customer relation management, contract management, complex pricing and price-indexing, dispatching, route planning and optimisation, a mobile in-cab solution, vehicle technology (weighing & RFID), billing, accounts receivable & accounts payable management. The AMCS platform also provides full support for e-commerce, subcontractor management and service level monitoring, dynamic reporting and analytics.

Intelligent optimisation

AMCS Intelligent Optimisation solutions enable our C&I customers to extract maximum value from their available budgets by driving efficiency through dynamic route optimisation, price optimisation, container asset management and real time visibility of the collection service progress. lt provides real time access to customer and service data to allow incoming queries to be handled on-the-spot, thereby minimising call-out costs and improving customer service levels.

Digital Engagement

The AMCS Digital Engagement platform and Customer Portal provide a customer-facing, on-line self service solution minimising the required interaction with the call centre. Managing customer-specific information including frequency of collection, service history, additional available services, complaints or queries, changes or messages and if appropriate, account and billing status including statements, invoices and on-line payment channels.

In-cab tablet device and Vehicle Technology

In-cab tablet devices with route details, driving directions and interaction with the office are supported and on vehicle technology for service verification only, or in combination with RFID are available. AMCS supplies a proprietary certified weighing system for waste collection that integrates fully with the AMCS Waste management solution for pay by weight (PAYT) or recycling monitoring programs.

Our Solutions

Enterprise Management

Enterprise Management (ERP) Get your business processes ready for the future

Open your eyes to greater profit and productivity with our globally acclaimed Enterprise Management (ERP) systems. We have automated hundreds of back-offices for clients around the world with our single platform approach. 


Customer Relation ManagementContract & Price ManagementPlanning & Dispatch ManagementResource & Asset ManagementSub contractor managementInbound & Outbound ManagementBilling & Financial Management

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Mobile Workforce

Mobile Workforce Paperless future and higher margins

AMCS Mobile Workforce (in-cab tablet/on board computer) enables you to reduce costs, increase efficiency and helps eliminate revenue leakage in your collection operations. Giving a return on investment within three to six months.

Planning & Dispatch Management

Digital RoutingFleet and activity monitoringVehicle Technology IntegrationBin ManagementSafety monitoring


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Vehicle Technology

Vehicle Technology More efficiency and higher revenues

The next generation of fully calibrated, real-time and, robust bin management is here. Designed by our highly skilled team of engineers, on-board weighing, bin identification and waste collection has never been easier. 


CAN-bus / sensor integration (Vehicle Data Hub)

Certified On-Board weighing

Lift tracking / gps matching


Camera integration

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Optimisation Intelligence

Optimisation Intelligence Why invest in route optimisation

Making the move from manual routing and dispatch to automatic route optimization can help your business improve asset utilization, enhance customer service, reduce mileage and driving time, and lower your overall carbon footprint.


Master Route optimisation

Route optimisation & planning

Agile / event driven re-optimisationOn demand Service OptimisationFixed stop route slottingResource optimisationOrder to cash optimisation

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Digital Engagement

Digital Engagement Digitise your business and make it future proof

This new digital platform enables customers to promptly order waste collection services, and interact with waste operators online. It also provides the opportunity for waste operators to service customers through social media, digital assistants and connected devices.


Subcontractor ManagementCustomer web portalsCustomer Service automationDigital payment channels Digital data exchange (EDI)

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Analytics Get your business processes ready for the future

Operational, financial and performance data is key for our customers to enable them to determine profitability of their services, operations and customers.


Data extraction toolsIndustry specific data cubesData visualization and BIRole based dashboards

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